About A Bit of Bread

A Bit of Bread was founded in 2022 by two bread enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for bread making and everything in between.

With every loaf we made from scratch, we felt better connected to our food and constantly brimming with creative ideas on how to make bread better with every bake. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of soft flour running through their fingers?


Why we’re here

A Bit of Bread has one idea in mind: understand the science behind the bread making process.

In the early days of our bread making journey, we had a hard time figuring out why some of our baked loaves turned out the way they did; and trying to find information online was like going on a scavenger hunting blindfolded without a clear list.

We were constantly shooting in the dark and getting frustrated when we would hit another dead end in our search for answers.

That’s when we began to try our own bread recipes, taking careful note on why our breads did what they did – and decided to write a blog about it.

With each post, we are looking to answer those bajillion little questions we as bakers run into every time we try to make bread. And to help you understand bread so you can get really creative and make something you’ll be very proud to serve and eat.